Comparison of Android drawing apps



-Amazing live paint mixing and realistic brushes

+Free version allows exporting to various formats including png

+Many brushes and brush options

+Good layer support

+No disturbing ads even in free version


-No obvious way of changing the brightness of brush color (it’s easy to change the hue and saturation though). EDIT: you can change it from the paint bucket symbol at the top (confusing because a paint bucket symbol usually means a fill tool)

-Frequent crashes

-Limited size options for canvas

-No vectors

-No obvious way of transforming (rotating scaling etc) what you have drawn. You can accomplish it via copying and pasting a selection to another layer though.

-No numeric way of setting color values (makes copy pasting colors from other apps difficult.



+Good brush selection

+Fast and no lag

+Easy to transform parts of image

+Clear, solid user interface

+Seems very stable (zero crashes so far)

+Great layer system

+Supports pressure sensitivity

+Paid features are now available to all users.


-Online community discontinued so the development has likely halted

-No vectors