Calculating the golden proportion in Photoshop (in one minute)

This video tutorial teaches how to measure and cut the golden proportion/golden rectangle (also called divine proportion) in Adobe Photoshop. In the end we draw also the famous spiral quickly.

Written instructions:

The golden ratio is approximately 1,62 so in order to make a golden proportion document we can start with something like 1620 times 1000 pixels.

From that starting point its easy to resize the document by choosing image–> image size and keeping the constrain proportions checkbox selected. The aspect ratio stays correct, which we can verify by dividing the width by 1,62. The result is same as the height of our image.

To cut something using the golden ratio we divide it by 1,62. Let’s make the rulers visible in order to drag a guide at the right distance. The we can draw a path and give it a stroke.

Find out where the next cut should be by dividing the previous result again with 1,62. Well drag the ruler origin point down this time and measure the cut point from that direction. Stroke again and repeat the process.

Finally we can draw a golden proportion spiral using our boxes. Start from the smallest and proceed always to the next box one step bigger in size.

There we have it! Thanks for watching and see you next time on One Minute Video

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