How to import Bitcoins from a paper wallet to the Mycelium app

Written tutorial:

Here’s How you can import bitcoins from your cold Storage, for example a paper wallet, to the Mycelium app.
Let’s open the app and I’m gonna Select my Bitcoin account here and then go to the Balance Tab. Now I can select “cold storage” from the three dots menu. I’ll choose “scan QR code” and now I’m first going to point the camera to the public key of my paper wallet which will only allow me to check the balance of that wallet.
Now that I can see that there’s something there to import I’m going to point the camera to the private key instead.
Since I’m using Bip38 encryption for my paper wallet, I need to type in the password here.
I’ll choose the regular BTC blockchain and now I’m ready to send the bitcoins forward to some other address. If I wanted to send them to an exchange for selling, I could choose “scan QR code” and scan the exchange’s address, but this time i will simply send them to my Mycelium wallet, so i’ll click on the “my addresses” option.
I’ll choose my mycelium account and set the amount to maximum so that all the Bitcoin inside the paper wallet gets sent.
I’ll go with the normal miner fee, which should get this confirmed in about half an hour.
Then I can simply hit the send button and the transaction will be broadcast.
Now I can monitor the transactions tab for the confirmations.
Here we have received our first confirmation, so we can be quite confident that the transaction has worked out. Many exchanges wait for a minimum of three confirmations, before they allow you to use the bitcoins.

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