How to create a safe Bitcoin paper wallet

Written instructions:

In this video we are going to show you how to create a paper wallet for your virtual bitcoin currency.

Safety is very important and if you are dealing with large sums, it might be best to boot into a Linux live cd instead of your normal operating system. This will ensure that there are no traces left on your operating system when you finish the process.

The live cd is optional though and it’s quite unlikely to get into trouble because of skipping that part.

Let’s start by googling bitaddress and choosing the first result which is
Here we’re going to click on the paper wallet tab.

For added safety, we are going to save this webpage to our computer and run it offline. After saving the page I’m disconnecting from my wireless network.

Next we’ll open the saved website and click on the generate button a few times. Let’s choose this one and print it out on our printer.

The bitcoin address here is totally public and you can give it to pretty much anyone just like your bank account number. The worst thing they can do with it is deposit money to your bitcoin wallet.

This privat key here is the big secret and you should never ever give it to anyone, unless you are making a transaction. Store the printed paper in a safe place.

Finally remember to close your browser window and boot back to your normal operating system.

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