Install Google Analytics easily on a SMF (simple machines forum) message board

This video tutorial shows you a quick overview of installing the Google Analytics mod on a SMF board. The workflow was recorded (and tested) on a SMF 2.02 forum.

Written instructions:

-Start by going to
-Search for “Google Analytics Code”
-Right click on the resulting link to a zip-package and choose “copy link address”
-Log in to your forum as administrator
-Go to package manager
-Click “download packages”
-Paste the copied URL to the URL-field
-Name the file
-Click “download”
-If the upload was succesfull click “install”
-Redirect to the settings
-Go to your analytics account (and create a new analytics slot for your website if you haven’t already)
-Copy and paste your analytics ID to the settings field in your forum
-Refresh cache (optional)
-Update analytics page to see if it started working (a correct install should give you the “tracking installed” message

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