How to attach something to a smooth stepper motor shaft

This quick video tutorial shows you one way of attaching other parts to a stepper motor shaft that is totally smooth and has no screw holes.

Written instructions:

Stepper motors are great, but many of them come with a smooth solid shaft that makes attaching the motor to other things a bit difficult, at least without a welder.

In this tutorial we show you one quick solution for attaching parts to the motor. We’ll use a ready made part called a Universal mounting hub. These will cost you around 10 bucks. To buy one, you should know the diameter of your stepper motor shaft. Ours is 5 millimeters.

The hub has four holes for bolts which makes it easy to attach to other things. On the side there is a single hole for securing the hub to the shaft with a small screw and an allen wrench.

When you are putting the screw in, you should be careful not to force it in misaligned, because that will destroy the threads inside the hole. It should not take a lot of force to get it in.

When the screw is almost in place, we can start tightening it to the shaft. Be careful not to apply too much power when tightening the screw, because you might end up rounding the wrench hole and thus make it impossible to screw further. This happened to us once, which is why it’s good that there is one extra screw in the package.

Now the screw is tight and we can start attaching things to our motor!

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