Blurring faces and other sensitive parts of a picture inside Google+

In this One Minute Video Tutorial we’ll show you how to make sensitive areas, like passwords or faces of people, unrecognizable in the images you upload to Google Plus. The method we use is not perfect and has only a few controls but it usually gets the job done pretty fast -and without leaving Google+ which should save us some time and effort.

Written version of the tutorial:

Here’s how to blur out a portion of an image inside Google+.

Let’s start by uploading an image.

Google plus will prompt us to share it, but we don’t want to share this picture just yet, so hit cancel.

Instead, click on the photos link and select your image.

We want to hide the network password in this image of a 4 G modem.

To do that, hit edit.

Here you can apply different effects or decorations to your image. The one we’re after is under the decorations category and is called focal pixelate. Click on it, and you’ll see a blurry area inside a circle. You can move the circle around to choose which part you want to blur. You can also control it’s diameter and sharpness. The round shape fits nicely on faces of people, but in this case we’ll need to apply the adjustment twice, because of the wider shape of the area we need to blur. So first we’ll apply it in, THIS, spot. Then we’ll choose it again and apply it to the rest of the password.

Let’s finish by hitting the save button. Google will ask you if you want to replace the original image, or make a copy. We’ll just replace the original in this case.

We have now successfully blurred out a sensitive part of the image and we can share it without worries.

Thanks for reading and see you next time on!

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  1. You are right, I just checked it and it looks like they have removed this feature from Google+. What a shame! Let’s hope they intend to bring it back!

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