Pick a different color for the sides of an extruded 3d text in AE CS6

Written tutorial:

Let’s start our tutorial by making a new composition and adding some basic text. Turn the text into a 3d layer and make sure the renderer is set to ray-traced instead of classic 3D. We’ll keep the ray-tracing quality fairly high at this point.

You can add a light into the scene to enhance the 3D feel of the object.

Next open the properties for the text layer and go to the geometry options. Here you can give the text some 3d depth by increasing the extrude value. You can also add some bevel to the edges by selecting a bevel style.

Now you can make the bevel a bit more pronounced by making the color differ from the main text color. To do that, you need to open up the animate-menu and choose bevel, color, and then rgb.

Add a different color for the sides of the text from the same menu.

An ambient light can boost the overall luminosity of the object and make the sides more easy to see.

You can add a camera to the scene, in order to look at the object from another perspective. Let’s finally increase the extrusion depth just to make it really easy to see the coloring.

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