Blender straighten the rotation of any object

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In this video we’ll show you how inclined objects can be rotated straight to re-align them with the global axes.
We’ll append an object from another Blender file in order to demonstrate this.
See how the appended screw is rotated diagonally against the viewport.
Usually the easy fix is to simply go to the transform properties panel and change the rotation values back to zero.
But sometimes the values are already zero, especially if the model has not been modeled straight, or if it has been rotated in the edit mode instead of the object mode. Let’s simulate such a situation by applying the rotation for our object.
Now that the values are zero, aligning our object to the global axes accurately is a bit trickier.
Luckily it can still be done. Here’s how:
First take the object to edit mode and select a face that represents a straight direction in the object.
Then go to view, align view, align view to selected, and choose top.
Our view is now rotated so that the selected face is shown straight.
Now return to the object mode and add a plane. Check the box in the object tools panel which says “align to view”. The new object is created so that it is aligned straight to the viewport. The good news are that it’s rotation values are relative to the global axes, so this object can be straightened out easily.
That means we can simply parent our inclined object to the plane with control p, and then zero out the rotation values of the plane.
Our screw is now straight, and we can un-parent it by pressing alt p, and selecting clear and keep transformation.
Let’s finally apply the rotation for the screw, so that it’s rotational values are zero, now that it’s straight anyway.
Our object has been straightened, and is now much easier to work with!
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