Install a language to WordPress

This video shows you an overview of the language installation process in WordPress.

Written tutorial:

In this video we’ll show you a basic overview on how to install a new language into an existing wordpress installation. The language we’ll install will replace the original language wordpress was installed in.

Begin by going to codex dot wordpress dot org slash, wordpress in your language. Note the underscores between words. And find your language from the list.

We’ll use Finnish for this example, so let’s click on the link here. We are now at the finnish wordpress site and we can download the language pack from this link. There are also installation instructions further down the page.

When the download is finished, extract the archive to your computer. Open the extracted folder and find a file called wp hyphen config. In our case it’s named wp hyphen config hyphen sample, and the instructions on the finnish site tell us to begin by renaming it to simply wp hyphen config.

Now we need to edit that file to match our database and server configuration. The easiest way is to open up your ftp program and download the current wp hyphen config file to your desktop. Then you can simply copy and paste the values from the old wp config file to the new one.

So here we are copying the database names to the new file.

Then the username.

And so on.

Basically you just copy all the commented lines to your new file.

We wont make you sit through all of that, so let’s just move on to the next step. When you have copied all the necessary lines, simply save the file.

Now we are ready to upload the language installation folder to our server. Put the files from it into the root of your wordpress installation. Your ftp program should ask you if you want to replace the existing files to which you should answer, yes.

After the transfer is finished you should be able to simply browse to your domain and see wordpress in your newly installed language.

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