Set variable value in Chat Mapper

This video tutorial gives you a simple example of manipulating variables in Chat Mapper.

Written version:

Let’s start by adding a new variable called health. We’ll set the initial value to zero.

Now we’ll create a new dialogue entry. Let’s set the text to found food.

If we want to have this particular dialogue increase the health variable, we need to use the script editor while our dialogue node is selected. We can simply drag and drop the name of our variable here. Now let’s set it to it’s current value plus one. First we put in an equal sign. Then we drag in the variable again and finally add plus one.

If we go to simulate this, we can see that the variable is increasing by one each time the player sees the dialogue.

That’s the basics of manipulating variables in chat mapper.

Thanks for watching and see you next time on One Minute Video!

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