Easy re-targeting of BHV files inside Blender 2.7

In this tutorial we show you the best way we have found to import and use BHV-mocap files with an existing rig.

Written version:

Here we have a really simple character that we want to bring into life with some motion capture data.

Let’s begin by downloading some mocap files.

If you search for bvh files, you will find this site called c g speed that has the famous Carnegie Mellon collection converted into bvh files. Let’s go to the daz -compatible version, which I’ve found works well also with Blender.
Now we can select one of the collections here and download it. Then we can start extracting the zip-file and install the Makewalk addon in the meanwhile. Just search for make human and go to their downloads section in which you can find the blender tools package. Let’s download and unzip that one as well. Then we’ll simply copy the files and we want to paste them inside the addon folder of blender. You can find the settings folder of Blender in Windows by going to your c-drive and selecting the correct user. Then you need to find the App data folder which is hidden by default so we need to show hidden files.

Now we can navigate to the blender foundation folder and dig into the folder with the version number you are currently using. If that folder doesn’t contain a scripts folder yet, you should create it manually. So just create a folder called scripts and go inside it. Then create one more folder called addons and paste your files into that folder.

Let’s go ahead and restart Blender. Now you should be able to go to the addons section of the user preferences, and find the addon called Makewalk. Let’s activate it and save.

Now simply make sure you are in pose mode and go to the misc tab in your left side toolbar. You can change the frame range you want to load and then simply hit the load and re-target button. Select one of the bvh files and watch your character come into life. Makewalk does such a great job of re-targeting your rig that it’s almost like magic!

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