Get rid of all Google Analytics referral spam

In this one minute video tutorial we show you an easy method for removing analytics spam that has worked very well for us!

Written instructions:

Let’s begin by going to, where we can find a ready made segment template, that we can use to quickly get rid of analytics spam. So let’s click on the link to go to the analytics solutions gallery, and then hit the import button there. Select your account from the list, and click “create”. Now the only customization you typically need to do is to replace my domain dot com with your own domain name. Let’s hit the save button, and head over to the reporting section in order to test this new segment. Let’s click on the “add segment” link, and select the segment we just created. When you hit apply, you will notice the difference between the spam and the filtered data. If you want to see only the spam free data, you can remove the default segment like this. Enjoy your new spam free analytics data!

Thanks for watching and see you next time on!

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