Blender Cycles Pixel Art Tutorial

In this one minute tutorial we create a pixel art animation render with Blender Cycles by using a toon shader and freestyle.

Written version:

Let’s begin this pixel art tutorial by speed modeling a simple treasure chest.

We’ll use a fast speed for this part since this is not supposed to be a modeling tutorial.

Now that we have the basic model ready, let’s switch to Cycles and add some materials.

We’ll use the toon shader in order to get a cartoonish look.

Then we’ll add a quick animation to the lid. Let’s change it’s origin to the edge of the lid so that it rotates correctly.

We’ll set the resolution to something relatively small like 128 x 128 pixels.

Now let’s create some gold coins by duplicating a scaled down cylinder, and then we’ll randomize their locations and rotations with the proportional editing tool, with it’s falloff set to random.

Let’s give the coins a yellow glossy toon shader.

Finally we’ll activate freestyle in order to get some outlines for our pixel art.

The default line thickness of one is a bit too strong so let’s change it to a smaller number.

Now we can go ahead and render the animation.

After the render has finished, we can watch the final result by going to render –> play rendered animation.

Thanks for watching and see you next time on one minute video

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