How to color match between two images in Photoshop

In this video we match the color of two different images:

Written instructions:

Here we have a photograph that we would like to colorize based on another image.

Let’s go ahead and open the image from which we want to apply the colors.

Now let’s go to the target image and duplicate it just so we have a copy of the original.

Now let’s go to image, adjustments, match color. Here we can pick the second image as the source of our new color scheme.

We can now fine tune the results with these sliders, and also by changing the opacity of the colored image here in the layer controls.

Let’s toggle between the original image and the colorized version of it.

The match color functionality can also help when combining two images together. So here we have an image of a beach, and we want to add this duck to it.

The colors don’t match very well, so let’s make a copy of our duck and use the match color tool on the copy. We need to rasterize our smart object before we can use the match color tool on it. This time we will select our current document as the source and define the background as the source layer.

A little bit of tweaking and we now have a much better color match between the two images. Let’s toggle the layer on and off to compare between the original version and the color matched one.

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