Modeling the One Minute Video Tutorials Logo in Blender 2.8 using curves


In this tutorial we’ll take a quick look at modeling with curves and use the One Minute Video Tutorials logo as the case study. 

Let’s begin by hitting shift+a and choosing curve, circle.

Now let’s try to give it some thickness from the curve settings here. When we increase the extrude value, we can see that the circle does gain some thickness, but not in the direction we desire, which would be this one here..

So let’s take our curve into edit mode with tab, and change the tilt of the curve by making sure it’s fully selected and the going to control points, tilt. Now we can simply move the mouse to change the tilt direction. In our case we want exactly 90 degrees so let’s just type nine and zero and hit enter to accept.

Let’s go back to object mode, modify the extrusion amount slightly, and then add the tapering to the curve. We’ll do this by hitting shift+a and adding another curve object, this time just a regular bezier curve. Then we’ll reselect the circle object and add the new curve to the taper object slot here. Now we can modify the taper by taking our new curve object into edit mode and modifying its shape until we have the tapering we want.

We’ll fine tune the extrusion and then convert the curve into a regular mesh by going to object, convert to, mesh from curve.

Now let’s add the hand to the clock by scaling, moving, and rotating a plane. We’ll also rotate the circle and delete the triangular face at the end of it.

Let’s do some minor tweaks, add a text object, and download a nice font from Google Fonts. That’s pretty much the gist of it!

Thanks for watching and see you next time on one minute video

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