Full screen preview for second monitor in DaVinci Resolve

Most video editors have at least two monitors these days. If you want to see the footage your editing fullscreen on your second monitor while having the timeline and the rest of the panels on the other monitor, here are the steps for doing that (Edit: note that this feature requires the Studio version of Resolve):

  1. Make sure Workspace->dual screen is set to “off” (I know, sounds a bit counter-intuitive)
  2. Go to Workspace->video clean feed and select your monitor from there.

3 Replies to “Full screen preview for second monitor in DaVinci Resolve”

  1. I dont have the option “Video clean feed” I have Davinci Resolve 17.4.3.
    So has this option been removed or replaced?

    1. Hi!
      Just installed 17.4 for to check and I do still have that option.. I do have the Studio version, so I’m not sure if that is required for this option to appear. Edit: after some research it seems like this feature does indeed require the Studio version of DaVinci Resolve. :/

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