How to use solid collision filtering with Tile movement in Construct 3

Solid collision filtering is a really useful feature in Construct 3, but it’s not very well documented.

I’m using it in my latest game together with Tile movement to handle moving the inventory screen selector. Tile movement allows easy grid-like movement in the inventory screen and I’m using simple borders with the solid behavior to stop the selector when it’s close to an edge.

The problem with this was that the indicator was also colliding with solids in the game world which still existed under the inventory menu screen.

The solution was to use solid collision filtering like this:

Select the solids that should collide with your Tile movement -object. Add a descriptive tag (or several tags separated by spaces) in the solid settings:

Then on start of layout you can target the object with the Tile movement and find the Set solid collision filtering action under Misc category:

Now you can set it to “inclusive” mode and type in the tag name you gave to your solid:

That’s it! Now your Tile movement object should only collide with the solids that have that specific tag in their solid settings.

Happy game making!

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