Basic Mocha track and CG insert in After Effects in one minute

Here’s the basic workflow of tracking an object in Mocha and using the tracking data to attach an image in After Effects to your object.

Written instructions:

Create a new mocha project and select your video file.

Scrub to a frame which shows the object you want to track clearly and draw a spline shape around it.

We’ll track first backwards by clicking on the “track backwards” button. Then we return to the starting point and track forwards by clicking the “track forwards” button.

Go to a frame that you think is an easy frame for attaching your graphic and click “align surface”.

Export tracking data as corner pin data. Press copy to clipboard and switch to After Effects.

Import your original video and create a comp out of it by dragging it here. Duplicate the comp in the project window and rename the new comp to “logo insert”. Drag the “logo insert” comp on the timeline on top of your footage and then paste the Mocha tracking data onto it.

Double click on logo insert to access it, and create your logo on top of the footage. You can simply import a file and use that, but I’m creating my graphic inside After Effects with shape layers.

Finally just turn the visibility of the video layer off in the “logo insert” comp. Then head back to your main comp and see how the logo sticks to your object.

Thanks for watching and see you next time!

Feel free to ask questions by posting comments!

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