Animated motion menu in Encore in one minute

Want to have a dvd menu that is in motion? Watch the tutorial below to quickly learn how animated menus are exported from After Effects and further handled in Encore.

Written instructions:

Create a standard size comp and design your moving menu in After Effects. I’m using cc rain and a stock footage video clip, but since the actual design can be anything, we fast forward this stage.

Since I’m using glow on my buttons, I duplicate them and remove the glow from the duplicates. I will use these glow free duplicates for my buttons in encore in order to avoid potential problems created by the glow overlapping.

When the design is ready, we export the animation to a video clip.

Then we save a photoshop file of the comp by going to composition save frame as photoshop layers.

Now we are ready to create a new project in Encore. Then we import our menu as a menu and our video as an asset.

Double click on the menu to reveal its layers in the layer panel. Now we can create our buttons by toggling the button switch on (you could also hit ctrl+B). Then we hide all the layers, since we want our background to be the animated video clip.

Finally we go to the motion tab here and link the motion to our video file. I like to check that the buttons are where they should be by clicking on the show subpicture highlight button.

Let’s preview by selecting file–>preview.

The highlight colors could be better so let’s modify them a bit. With the menu selected, change the color set to menu default. Now let’s change the colors by going to menu, edit menu color set.

Preview again and there we have it.

Thanks for watching and see you next time!

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