Custom button subpicture highlights in Encore in one minute

Watch this tutorial to learn how custom subpicture highlights are created for buttons in Adobe Encore:

Written instructions:

First create a simple dvd menu in Phodoshop.

When ready, save and switch to Encore.
Create a new Encore project and import the psd file as a menu.

Turn the texts into buttons.

The preview of the automatically created button subpicture highlights doesn’t look that great. Let’s make custom highlights by selecting our menu and choosing, edit–> edit menu in photoshop.

Photoshop opens the menu file.

Each button we made in Encore is now inside it’s own folder. We can take control of the subpicture highlights by creating a new layer inside the button folder and renaming that layer (=1). This name will tell Encore that this layer represents the button subpicture.

Let’s make a similar layer inside each button folder.

Now we can paint in the subpictures by using any paint tools in Photoshop. I recommend keeping it simple though, as the dvd specification doesn’t support anti-aliased or feathered graphics properly.

Finally we save and head back to encore. Preview again, and we can see the updated version of the button highlights.

Thanks for reading and see you next time on One Minute Video Tutorials.

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