Channel based advanced selections in Photoshop in one minute

Learn how to use individual color channels in order to select complicated subjects.

Written instructions:

Let’s extract this plant from the background by using color channel information to our advantage.

Open up the channels tab and search for a channel with high contrast between the foreground and background. I’ll try the red channel since the shadows on the wall almost disappear on it.

Drag the red channel here to make a copy of it. Next we apply levels to the copy in order to further boost the contrast. We want to get the background all white and the foreground all black, so let’s paint by hand the areas the levels adjustment didn’t take care of.

Now we can load a selection from the channel copy by control clicking on the thumbnail image. Then click on the rgb channels in order to view all channels normally and head back to the layers tab.

We duplicate the background image just in case we need to refer back to the original image.

Now we’ll invert the selection and modify it a bit in the refine edge panel.

Let’s remove few incorrect selection areas with the negative lasso tool. Then hit control shift j to make a new layer based only on the selection.

I think we want also the pot extracted, so let’s quickly select it with the pen tool. Invert the selection once more and hit backspace to get rid of all the irrelevant stuff.

Our exctraction is ready. Let’s have some fun and paste the plant to another image.

Thanks for watching and see you next time on!

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