Record the sound currently playing on your computer (in one minute)

Learn to record any audio playing on your computer, even if your sound card doesn’t support “audio mix” or “record what u hear” options.

Written instructions:

Sometimes you want to be able to record the sound playing on your computer.

If your sound card doesnt support recording the audio mix directly, you can simply connect a basic audio cable from your headphone socket to your microphone socket.

Many computers have those ports also in the front of the computer so doing this is super fast.

After that we just fire up a free program called audacity and make sure the input is the microphone of our soundcard. Its very likely called realtek something unless you have separately bought a more expensive soundcard.

After selecting the right source simply record and the program will capture all the sounds currently playing on your computer.

You might need to adjust the speaker and microphone audio levels in order to get a good loudness to your file.

Thats it.

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