Create an RGB colorwheel in Photoshop (in one minute)

In this tutorial you will learn how to quickly create a standard RGB colorwheel in Photoshop.

Written instructions:

Create a new document with a large resolution.

On a new empty layer, create a circle while holding down shift to make it perfect.
Fill the circle with a color and center the circle with the alignment tools.
Duplicate the circle and fill it with a different color. Remove half of the new circle. Having smart guides on makes it easy to snap to the exact center.

Duplicate the half circle and fill it with a third color. Go to transfrom –>rotate and change the anchor point to the left. Rotate 30 degrees.

Merge the half circle layers and select the 30 degree sector with the magic wand.

Turn off the top layer and select the original circle. Apply a new layer mask on it to hide everything except the sector.

Next we will record an action to automatically build our wheel. Open the actions panel and create a new action. Duplicate the layer and rotate the duplicate 30 degrees. Go to image –> adjustments –> hue saturation and increase the saturation by 30. Stop recording the action.

Make sure you have the top layer and the right action selected then just keep hitting play until your color circle is created for you.

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