How to easily calculate the amount of minutes between two times

Sometimes you need to calculate the time difference between two times in minutes. For example, if you are charging a client by the minute you might need to calculate the amount of minutes you have worked on a project.

If you are as mathematically challenged as I am this can easily make your head hurt 🙂

For example, can you quickly tell me how much time in minutes has passed between 18:32 and 20:13?

If you want a way of calculating the result without having to do any thinking, here’s how to do it:

The trick is to convert everything into minutes first and then subtract the earlier time from the later one. Below is a calculation for finding out how many minutes are between 18:32 and 20:13:

20 x 60 +13 – (18 x 60 + 32) = 101 minutes

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