Animating with shape keys in Blender 3D

Here’s a quick how-to on animating object meshes with shape keys:

Written instructions:

Let’s begin our shape key tutorial by speed modeling a simple face. Now that the mesh is ready we’ll head to the object data button. Here is the shape key function.

Start by clicking the plus icon to add a new shape key. The first key becomes the basis, in other words the first key represents the mesh in it’s current state. Click on the plus icon a second time. This one will be our modified mesh. Let’s name it angry.

While we have the angry shape key selected, let’s enter edit mode. Now we will simply move the vertices around to modify the look of our face. When ready, simply exit the edit mode. You’ll notice that the mesh is back to the basic form. But now you can drag the value slider to morph between the basic and the angry face.

Finally, let’s animate the slider by pressing the I-key, while hovering over it. Then simply move to a different point in time, change the slider again and lock it by pressing the I-key. You’re done!

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