Basics of object animation in Blender 3D

Learn how to create a basic animation in Blender 2.66.

Written instruction:

Begin by selecting the object you want to animate. To insert your first keyframe, for the starting position, press I. Select the property you want to animate from the list. In this example we’ll animate the position.

Next move forward in time to the position in which you wish to end the move. Change the property you are animating. We’ll change the position to make the box move along the y-axis. Lock the position down with a new keyframe by pressing I and choosing the same property from the list as first time.

You have created a simple animation. If you want to control the keyframes, open up a new window by clicking and dragging from the top right corner like this. Then change the window type to dopesheet. Here you can view, select and move your keyframes around to adjust your animation.

Let’s finally render our animation out. Start by defining the time range you want to render. We’ll only render 44 frames, since after frame 44 there is no more movement. Here you can set the frame rate you desire. From the output setting you can choose the target folder and filename for your animation. Finally hit the big animation button.

Blender will now render your animation as an image sequence. To view the finished result, use a program like After Effects or the free DjView -mediaplayer.

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