Stop toddler from opening kitchen cupboards and drawers

In our second child safety tutorial we show you a couple of easy, fast and cheap ways of keeping your child from opening kitchen cupboards and drawers.

Written instructions:

If your toddler is like ours, opening cupboards and drawers, and taking all the stuff out, is great entertainment. In this video we’ll show you, two quick-fix solutions that will stop your child from digging into the kitchen cupboards.

This kind of double door cupboard can be secured easily with a piece of strong metal wire. We’ll get a piece from our garage. Now we’ll simply bend this wire so that it fits the handles. Make sure you bend the ends in enough, otherwise this will happen. Let’s bend this slightly more to make it work.

The door is now impossible to open without first removing the metal wire. This simple mechanism quickly resulted in our toddler leaving the door alone. When you need to open the cupboard, it is very easy to remove and re-install the wire.

Okay but what about drawers like these? That’s a bit more difficult, but can still be done with pretty cheap parts. Our approach was to take a piece of wood, this one is from a children’s play set, and simply thicken it with sticky tape so that it is acting as a wedge when stuck between the first drawer and the edge of the table. This one is still too loose so let’s continue adding tape. Now it’s tight and makes opening the first drawer impossible. To secure the rest of the drawers, you can simply insert any long stick like this. This will stop your toddler from accessing the drawers.

It’s not very pretty, but who has time for pretty with a two year old in the kitchen? The best part is that it’s very cheap and easy to make.

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