Two ways of adding 3d-perspective to artwork in Illustrator

In this quick video tutorial we’ll show you a couple of ways to add 3d perspective to your 2d-artwork.

Written instructions:

In this tutorial we’ll show you a couple of ways to add 3d perspective to your flat 2d artwork.

Let’s begin by creating a simple shape and cut a hole in the middle of it with some text. We’ll make a symbol out of this, because the first method we’ll show you is destructive and making a symbol assures that we’ll always get our original shape back if needed.

The first method to add some perspective to our shape is to use the perspective grid tool. activate it just by selecting it from the toolbar. To add existing artwork to the perspective grid, you need to select the perspective selection tool. Then click on this small widget here to select which side of the grid you want to put your shape on.

Let’s drag another copy of our shape from the symbols panel and add it to the other plane. There is no automatic shading available so you have to manually recolor the sides to make their appearance more 3d like. We’ll just drop the opacity of the other side for now. When done with the editing, you can hide the perspective grid by clicking on the small x, on the plane switching widget.

Our second method is to use the non-destructive effect called extrude and bevel. This one is really easy to use. Begin by turning the preview on. You can control the angle by dragging on this cube. Change the extrusion depth to increase or decrease the 3d depth of your shape. You can add a bevel to the edges if you prefer.

If you need to change the parameters or the angle of this effect, you can always re-open the settings from the appearance panel.

Thanks for watching and see you next time on one minute video tutorials dot com.

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