How to import bitcoin paper wallets to bitcoin software

In this video tutorial we import a paper wallet to the Armory bitcoin software.

Written instructions:

In order to import paper wallets to armory, we first need to make sure that we have, bitcoin qt installed and synced with the blockchain and Armory installed on our computer with at least one wallet created in it.

Inside Armory we’ll click on the wallet properties button and choose import/sweep private keys.

It’g going to give us a warning about backups, which we will accept by hitting ok.

Now we simply type in the private key from our paper wallet. You could also use a webcam with a qr code reader if you have one on your computer.

You can choose to either import the address to Armory or sweep it. The difference is that in a sweep, the old wallet gets emptied. You should use sweep if someone else migth know the private key to your wallet as well.

Now we just confirm the transaction and wait a little bit. After a while you will have the balance of your paper wallet in Armory and you can start using your bitcoins with the send function.

Thanks for watching and see you next time on one minute video tutorials dot com!

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