How to model walls with windows that have good topology in Blender 2.6

In this tutorial we will show you a way of modeling walls that have windows in them without ruining the face loops/topology of the wall:

Written version:

Start by deleting the default cube and adding a plane.

We decided that the thickness of our walls is half a meter, so we will make the gridsize 0.5 blender units. You can also increase the amount of lines here if your grid seems too small.

Make sure you are snapping to the grid, because it helps giving the walls the same thickness.

Make your first wall piece by moving the edges so that the plane is exactly one grid unit wide. Let’s make this wall a bit longer as well.

When you need to make a corner simply extrude a face with the size of one grid unit and continue from there.

Let’s fast forward a bit.

You can also make loop cuts in situations like this. Make sure you snap any cuts to the grid by pressing shift s and choosing, selection to grid.

Our walls are now complete but the last edge is not conneted to the first edge. Let’s fix that by selecting everything and clicking on the remove doubles button.

Blender removed four vertices and our edges are now connected.

Now you can extrude your walls upwards to give them height. After that it’s time to create some windows.

In order to have windows, we need to make some loop cuts. The problem is, that our cuts are not extending to the walls inside the house. That makes cutting the windows perfectly very difficult.

Our solution is to temporarily remove one piece of the wall. Select all the faces that make up a wall and hit x, delete faces. Remove the empty gaps by selecting two edges and hitting f.

Now if we loop cut, the cut goes all the way trough the wall. Cutting windows is now very easy. Choose the faces that you want to have as windows and delete the first from the outer wall and after that from the inner wall.

Finally select the window edge loops and bridge them together with the bridge edge loops function.

When you’re done with cutting windows and doors it’s time to rebuild the missing wall. Delete the faces here and bridge the the loops together.

We now have a wall with windows that have nice topology. You can see that from the way our loops flow.

Let’s finally build a quick floor by duplicating the bottom faces. We’ll separate them with p, and fill the center of the floor with an n-gon. Finally extrude it to make the floor higher.

Here’s a quick render.

Thanks for watching and see you next time on one minute video tutorials dot com.

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