View shadows, midtones and highlights in Premiere CS6

Sometimes you want to find out what parts of your image belong to the shadows, midtones or highlights. It’s not obvious how to view that in Premiere CS6 but it’s possible to do. Here’s a quick tutorial:

Written version:

Many color correction effects specifically target either shadows, midtones or highlights from the footage.

What if you’re not sure which category the part of the image you want to change falls into? For example, can you guess if this metallic part is part of the midtones or the shadows?

Here’s one way to find out!

Apply the three way color corrector effect to your clip. Scroll down to the tonal range definition part and click on the small triangle. Here’s a checkbox that allows you to see the tonal range of your footage. As you probably guessed, the black parts are the shadows, the grey parts the midtones and the white parts the highlights.

We can see that the metal belongs to the shadows. So if we want to change the color of it, we can drag the shadow wheel here.

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