Getting started with DaVinci Resolve Lite

This video tutorial shows you the basics of DaVinci Resolve. We create our first project and add some video footage to the library and from there to the media pool in order to start color correcting it.

Let’s launch Davinci Resolve for the first time and log in to a user account.

We’ll also create a new project by clicking on the plus sign.

In order to start working with video clips, you need to add them to the media pool from the library. However the library is pretty much empty at the moment. Here’s how you can add locations to the library.

Open up the preferences menu and click on the plus sign under scratch disks. Then simply navigate to the location that you want to add to the library which is typically the place on the hard disk where you keep your video files.

The library won’t update until you restart Resolve, so let’s do that now.

We can see our files now. Let’s take a folder and drag the clips from it to the media pool.

Next we’ll create a new timeline and and drop a clip into it. We’re now ready to start doing our color correction work.

Thanks for watching and see you next time on One Minute Video!

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