Easily manage your startup file in Blender

In this video we show you an easy strategy on how to manage your Blender startup file in such a fashion that you can rest assured you will always have it stored, even if you re-install you whole operating system.

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Customizing your start up file comes in handy, if you notice you are constantly making the same changes after creating a new blender project.

In this video we’ll show you one strategy of making sure you never loose your start up file when you install new blender versions, or even if you have to re-install your entire operating system.

Let’s begin by opening up Blender and loading the factory settings so that we have a clean slate for our demonstration. Now we’ll make the changes we want to the start up-file. Maybe we’ll switch the renderer to cycles, and make film transparent. Let’s also delete the default cube so that we have a clear visual change. We could also create some default materials but let’s omit that for the sake of speed.

Now here’s the main point: save the file into a permanent folder, preferably on a drive other than c-drive- so that you always have it stored, even if you do a clean install of your O S.

Then choose file –> save start up file.

Now Blender will always open up with those settings.

When you need to make changes to the start up file you can do it like this:

First make the changes you want. Then choose file –> save as –> and save on top of your custom start up file. Then go to file –> save start up file.

If you follow this procedure, you can rest assured that you always have your start up file in the same place waiting for you.

So what happens when you change your Blender version? Let’s open up an older release of Blender to demonstrate. When it opens our start up file is gone. But now we can simply open up our custom file and choose file –> save start up file. Now also this version of Blender will use your custom start up file.

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