Add custom keyboard shortcuts in Blender tutorial

In this quick video tutorial we add custom keyboard shortcuts to functions we use repeatedly.

Written version:

Did you know that it’s really easy to add custom keyboard shortcuts to almost anything in Blender?

Let’s create an example in which we have several objects for which we want to set the origin points to the 3d cursor.

We could always go to the object menu, and choose transform –> origin to 3d cursor, but if we need this function constantly, it would be handy to be able to press just one key on the keyboard.

To assign a keyboard shortcut to this function, we can simply right click on that menu item and choose, “add shortcut”. Then we’ll simply press on the keyboard key we want to assign.

We rarely need the f4 key, so maybe we’ll use it here. Now we can simply select an object and press f4 to center the origin to the 3d cursor.

What if we need lot’s of uv-spheres? Let’s assign f5 for the menu item where we add them, and now we can create them really quickly.

Maybe you’ll notice that you are pressing the”set smooth” button often? Let’s assign f6 to that one!

So basically if you find yourself repeating anything on a regular basis in your project, consider assigning a custom shortcut for it!

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