Construct 2 How to play game from Google Drive

In this one minute video tutorial we show you how to preview or play your Construct 2 game directly from Google Drive:

Written version:

Sometimes it’s handy to upload your construct two game into Google Drive and share it from there. One reason is because Google Drive can handle a larger capacity than most cheap web hosting services, should your game become suddenly very popular.

So here we have uploaded our exported Construct 2-files into Google Drive.

Let’s create a new folder for them, and move the files inside that folder.

Now let’s share the folder. We’ll click on the advanced settings and turn on the “public on the web” option.

Now we need to copy the id string which starts after the equal sign and ends before the ampersand.

The last step is to construct the actual link by typing and then pasting in the id at the end.

Give this link to anyone on the web and they should be able to play your game, directly from Google Drive.

Thanks for watching and see you next time on

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