Spinning array duplicates in Blender

In this video we show you how to spin the duplicates created with the array modifier for interesting patterns and effects:

Written version:

Let’s begin by deleting the default cube and adding a UV sphere.

Then we’ll add an empty object that will be later used for controlling the array.

Next let’s select the sphere and add the array modifier to it.

We’ll turn off the relative offset setting and enable object offset. Then we can select our empty as the object in the drop down menu.

We won’t see any duplicates yet, even if we increase the count. That’s because we need to change the location, rotation or scale of our empty object first to create some offset.

So if we select the empty and start moving it around, you can see the array duplicates starting to show up.

We can also rotate it like this. Combine the rotation with a slight offset in location, and you can create cord like shapes or other interesting patterns. Scaling the empty can create really nice spiral shapes.

We can of course also keyframe the properties by hitting the i-key. This entire animation was created with only two keyframes.

Experimenting with the array modifier, and it’s object offset functionality, can be a lot of fun, and It can be used for many different things!

Thanks for watching and see you next time on OneMinuteVideoTutorials.com!

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