Change Google Search language for a single search

In this video we show you how you can temporarily search for results in a specific language:

Written tutorial:

Sometimes it may be useful to perform a Google search in a specific language. So let’s say we are interested in recent German bitcoin articles. Let’s google for bitcoin, and maybe we’ll change the time span to only cover articles from the last 24 hours. Now to temporarily change our search to only display German language results, we can add a little string at the end of the address bar.

So let’s type &lr=lang_de for deutsch. Hit enter, and Google will only display matching results if they are written in German. If you need another language, simply change the last two letters accordingly. For example if you want only Finnish results, the last letters should be “fi”. Here’s a quick list of all the other search language codes. Feel free to stop this video in order to find the one you need.

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