Converting video files with Blender

In this quick video tutorial we show you how to convert videos with Blender 2.76:

Written version:

We needed to work with a video file the other day, and couldn’t get After Effects to import it. Even Adobe media encoder told us that the file has no importable streams.

So we decided to give Blender a go at it. After opening up the video sequence editor we simply opened up the file by choosing add, movie. Blender could read the file without any problems. Even the alpha channel worked as expected.

Now in order to convert this file, we first looked at it’s dimensions and duration in the right side properties panel that you can open by hitting the N-key, and then inserted that information in to the render settings. We chose PNG as the conversion format because it is so universally supported, and it allows us to embed the alpha channel as well. After making sure the settings we’re correct, we started the render by hitting the animation-button and watched the file get converted in less than a minute. Blender ended up saving the situation where Adobe’s flagship video programs failed miserably.

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