Blender 3D Edit mode boolean operations

Blender 2.77 has edit mode booleans! Here is a quick look at this great new feature:

Written instructions:

The new Blender 2.77 feature, for booleans in edit mode, is pretty exciting!

Let’s give it a quick try by taking our default cube into edit mode.

Then we’ll add another mesh on top of the cube.

Now when the other mesh is selected and the other one is not, we can go to mesh–> faces –> intersect (boolean), which will use the selected mesh to cut a hole in the unselected one.

While the resulting mesh doesn’t necessarily have perfect topology, it gives us a very nice starting point.

If we want to do the boolean operation the other way around, we can simply turn on the swap checkbox.

We have the feeling this little feature will save us a lot of time in the future.

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