Enabling auto answer for Skype

Use Skype as a remote security camera by enabling the auto answering feature:

Written instructions:

In this video we turn Skype into a simple surveillance tool that enables you to take a look at your house from anywhere in the world.

In the setup we have one computer and a web cam in our house and then either another computer or a mobile phone with us when we are away from home. Both the computer at your home and the remote device should have Skype installed.

We’ll create a completely new Skype account for our surveillance computer at home.

Let’s give the account a first and a last name, our email address and a random username, just to make spam less likely. Finally let’s give it a password. Then we’ll answer the spam prevention question and move forward.

Now let’s go to our installed Skype, and log in. Then we have to complete the audio and video check to make sure our camera is working properly. Skype also wants us to take a profile picture. After the wizard is complete, we’ll choose tools, options, and go to the call settings.

Here we’ll set Skype to only accept calls from our contacts, in order to block anyone except our family members from calling.

Then we’ll go to the advanced options and select the option to answer incoming calls automatically. We also want to start the webcam image automatically.

Now we can go to a different computer with our usual Skype account running, and send a contact request to the new account. Then we’ll go back to the surveillance computer, and accept the contact request, and we are finally good to go! If we now call this new account from our regular Skype account, it will automatically pick up the call and show a live video stream from inside our house. We can even use our mobile phone to check what’s going on in our house.

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