Add sine-wave motion to an object via drivers in Blender

In this video tutorial we add a driver in Blender that will automatically produce sine-wave movement to our object.

Written instructions:

1. Right click on the property you want to animate via the driver (I usually choose something like delta-location z)
2. From the context menu, choose “add drivers” –> “manually create later (single)”
3. Add this expression to the field: cos(frame*pi/12)
4. You can modify the amount by multiplying or dividing like this: cos(frame*pi/12)/10
5. Remember to “reload trusted” or go to preferences –> file –> “auto run python files”

That’s it, now your property will be automatically fluctuating in a wave like motion!

Here’s how you can think about the expression:

Cos() is a cosini function, that takes an input value inside the parenthesis. We are using “frame” to keep changing the value over time. If you want a slower arch, you can do something like cos(frame/10). If you want a smaller movement, you can do something like cos(frame)/10.

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